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On how to prevent the hammer from leaking oil


Oil hydraulic breaking hammer, should first check the oil spill site, such as the bolt hole, such as the rear cylinder andCylinder connection parts, etc., or accumulator valve cover, and then check the sealing area is not abnormal phenomenon. There is no exception to the first type of seal;
1。When the oil leakage at low pressure, the reason is that the surface roughness of the assembly is poor, the improvement of the surface roughness of 3.2~6.3umry with a little lower hardness of the seal
2。Piston rod of the oil ring, a per trip will drop a few drops of oil, produced reason dust-proof ring lip scrape oil film to replace the dust-proof ring type.

3。Oil leakage at low temperature when high temperature does not leak, there are two reasons for the eccentric is a kind of material selection is not suitable for the seal, the selection of cold resistant seals to solve the problem. Second types of seals have abnormal conditions.

1。The main oil seal surface hardening, the sliding surface has a breakdown of the reasons for abnormal high speed working pressure is too high.

2。Hardening of the surface of the main oil seal, the seal oil seal ruptured, broken; reasons - the oil temperature in hydraulic oil metamorphism abnormally elevated produce ozone damage to the sealing parts and oil leakage.

3。The surface of the main oil seal is as smooth as a mirror, and the reason is that the pressure is too high.

4。Main oil seal surface of the mirror uneven wear seal swelling like; reasons - side pressure is too large eccentricity, improper oil and cleaning liquid.
5。The sliding surface of the main oil seal is damaged and wear marks. The reason is that the plating is bad, the rough piston rod with the rust spot and the rough piston rod is used for improper selection of the material.

6。The main seal lip at the top of a rupture scar indentation; reason - assembly chamfer improper installation, improper storage method.

7。The main oil seal sliding surface indentation; reason ---- possession of foreign debris.
8。The main oil seal lip mouth has crack crack reason ---- the oil is improper, the working temperature is high or low, the back pressure is too high, the pulse pressure frequency is too large.
9。The main oil seal has carbonization and coke deterioration; the reason is that the air is produced by adiabatic compression.
1 0。The main oil seal with the Ministry of the cracks; reason ---- the pressure is too large, too large extrusion clearance, the supporting ring for the use of when, the installation of the design of the groove is small, the credibility of the quality will be damaged.

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