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      YANTAI XINREN Mechanical and Electrical Equipment service commitment: customer-centric, to provide advice and services

      (1)Timely resolution of customer queries.
      (2)Assisting partners to do the customer's product extension services.
      (3)Provide first-class services, and establish a good image of the company.
      (4)The existence of product quality problems, the company's internal regulations on customer corresponding compensation.
      (5)Company shall accept consumer complaints, to investigate complaints, mediation.
      (6)Mediation in consensual, lawful, reasonable and fair, based on the facts and evidence.
      (7)By accepting responsibility for the division of territorial jurisdiction, specifically mediation and investigation by the person in charge of related region.
      (8)To handle complaints seriously, consumer reception to be honest, enthusiastic, so that each affair has an echo, everything nowhere to be found.
      (9)The principle of consumer complaints, the general should insist on free services.
      (10)Adhere to public opinion, regularly publish consumer complaints through the mass media, and record according to the People's Republic of China in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law Article .
      (11)The compensation standards according to People's Republic of China Product Quality Law, Article 49, Article 50 of the relevant provisions of the production and sales do not meet national standards of products, will be fined more than equivalent value of the amount and below three times. Of product impurities, shoddy or substandard products as qualified products will be punished by more than 50% of the value of the products and below three times of product amount.
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