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Hammer blow to the problem of broken hammer

        First clear in the end is to combat weakness, or the frequency of slow down.Hitting force is mainly related to nitrogen pressure, frequency and flow rate. There are other factors that influence. 
1、 the standard value of nitrogen pressure in the rear part of the crusher is 15~17bar.Lower than the value will be a blow to the weak; too high will put into the oil to withstand, blow very slow or simply can not ring.      
2、Check the inner bushing and an outer bushing, flat pin, drill rod, after possible deformation or rupture of the main card, hard fight.      
3、The main effect of the relief valve is similar to the circuit in the insurance. Tune too big is to use copper wire for fuse, can not protect the role; adjustment is too small is equivalent to a fine fuse, the current old burn, is either pressure built up with fixed piston (not ring), or just the piston top overflow (no force), relief valve generally set should not tune. If you need to be adjusted to make the overflow pressure to maintain the normal value of the case, check the relief valve to see whether the wear and tear, check the spring to see whether the fracture or aging loss of elasticity.    

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