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An important description of the installation, use and maintenance of the hammer

After the year ushered in the sales season, the hammer of the sales volume is also increasing with the whole machine.But there are some sales and service staff on the basic principle of hammer is not clear, resulting in an encounter problems related with the user interpretation is easy to misunderstand. On this on some basic knowledge of the hammers to explain, hope you can study hard.

First, the user's mistake: the new equipment can not be installed breaking hammer.

Interpretation: the user's idea comes from the most basic principle of the broken hammer. In fact, new equipment as long as according to Komatsu correct installation essentials and methods of use to use the hammer is not on new equipment cause any damage to the. For example: some users in the installation of broken hammer line, in order to save thousands of dollars, do not install the oil return line filter and return line accumulator, and the broken back pipe directly installed on the spare valve. The move on the whole of the hydraulic system, especially the main control valve system, it can be described as a serious suicide".Because of the crushing hammer work principle is by high-pressure oil pushes the piston downward extrusion rod and in the process will produce a lot of scrap metal and rubber crumb (sealing ring friction heat generated), flow directly back to the main control valve, if there is no filter, inside the main control valve of each hydraulic actuators cause severe wear and lead to the emergence of various abnormal phenomena, severe cases can cause point of main control valve can not be repaired.In addition, broken hammer under the normal temperature of hydraulic oil will be relatively high, such as high temperature. The viscosity and the index of the lubrication is not enough, will cause wear of hydraulic components and therefore oil return line must be connected to the pipeline of the hydraulic oil cooler, the cooling directly flows back to the tank, so as to avoid the damage of hydraulic components.

Two, the normal maintenance: in order to save money and not in accordance with the requirements of the replacement of hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil filter.

If the crusher uses more than 60%, it is required to instruct the user to replace the hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil filter.On the use of the calculation method is very easy, assuming that a device a month to work the 200H, the use of the hammer is 120H, it is up to 60% of the requirements.Among them, the return oil pipeline filter inside the filter needs to be replaced once every 100H, the hydraulic oil filter to be replaced once every 500H, hydraulic oil will need to be replaced once every 2000H. At the same time, do not use non pure accessories.Here incidentally, some of my colleagues often for the user is presented with a "pure accessories high price, the same price to buy accessories in China can buy two or even more" similar words and confused, in fact, this is confused with a price and efficiency comparison. The typical answer is: when the country was the SARS virus wantonly violated, national Ministry of health required to wear 23 layer mask can effectively prevent inhalation of SARS virus, if 23 layer mask for 10 dollars, and 12 layer mask 5 dollars, you can buy two 12 layer mask morning wearing a, in the afternoon and then put another, I would like to ask you to stop the SARS virus??

Three, the correct use: broken hammer is not a panacea for the broken tool.

Some users use the broken hammer in addition to the regular breaking conditions, but also to carry out some non conventional operations, For example: in the water to combat operations, to combat operations, etc., in this list of prohibited operations:

1, prohibit the operation in the water;

2, prohibit the upward, horizontal or too inclined operation;

3 are not allowed to use the drill rod to pry, rock breaking;

4, are not allowed to step down the breaker switch for more than 1 minutes;

5, every two hours to fill a butter, add to the full pressure of drill rod;

6, is strictly prohibited;

7, to prohibit random adjustment of the hammer blow frequency;

8, prohibit the use of hammer drill rod as a hook to use.

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